About Me

Hi, I’m Caryl.

I’m not your average boring bookkeeper.

I love doing all the numbers and details stuff that most other people hate, but I don’t wear suits and I’m happy to have a meeting in the pub.

I set up Garden Capital to help people concentrate on the things they enjoy about running their business, safe in the knowledge that their accounts are up-to-date and fully compliant. So you get peace of mind and I get to do the stuff I love.

I’m a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, and licensed and regulated by them. I’ve worked at management level for various financial institutions for over 30 years.

I’m happy to work at your place, or just collect the information I need each month and take it away to work on it for you.

Sounds like what you need? For a free no-strings-attached meeting to discuss getting you that peace of mind, call me or send an email.